Danny Tseng


“My objective is simple. I want to entertain the audience with great storytelling.”

Danny took the journey of becoming a film director at the age of 11. It was a big dream for a kid in Taiwan, but his determination never wavered. Danny pursues film with the idea of painting every picture on a canvas with a Hollywood type of fashion, while never losing his touch on the human soul. He strives to create compelling stories and characters with rich emotions that not only resonates, but fascinates audiences. Living on his unique artistic vision and passion for imagery, he will refine his craft and creations, unceasingly. After all, his greatest asset lies within his imagination. Danny currently holds the position of Writer/ Director at MARQ Films.

曾敬懿的影像風格充滿了好萊塢的味道,可以看出西方電影對他的影響頗深,但他的創作同時也保有亞洲人情感細膩的人性觀點,這兩者的結合使他的作品具備了視覺及劇情上的完整度。秉持著對於影像的熱愛及獨特的眼光,曾敬懿會持續地精進自己的技術與創作,畢竟,無限的想像空間是他最珍貴的寶藏。曾敬懿目前於MARQ Films 擔任編導一職。