Marco Wu



“To share the same goal with my partners during the journey of life is my biggest support of being headstrong.”

A trip to China in 2004 changed director Marco Wu’s perspective on life. The people he met on this trip inspired him to make the documentary film- “索瑪花開的季節”; which was released and nominated at the Taipei film festival. In the same year, he founded his own film production company- MARQ Films. However, Marco wants MARQ Films to be more than just a company that creates visual products. In the hope of fulfilling this goal, in 2012 he started the “鏡頭下的心風景” photo exhibits as the first of many projects to come that focus on social welfare.



2004年的一趟旅行改變了吳兆鈞的觀點,旅途中與人們接觸的感動促使他開始拍攝紀錄片,並在07年正式發行“索瑪花開的季節”,入圍台北電影節,同年成立MARQ Films影像工作室。在與一群夥伴互相扶持,走在影像創作道路的同時,吳兆鈞也希望MARQ Films能多元化的發展。於是在2012年開始策劃"鏡頭下的心風景"企業公益攝影展活動,期待團隊能在創作、文化、藝術與慈善關懷等方面投入更多熱情與社會責任!